Plumbing, next to electrical or heating and cooling, is almost always a big expense. The bigger the home or building, the bigger the expense, too. Are you financially ready for any plumbing problem and damages related to plumbing issues? Check out the following to determine just how ready (or not!) you are.

Clogged and Overflowing Toilets

Clogged and overflowing toilets are usually the least of your expenses. You are paying the hourly rate that a plumber charges, plus whatever parts he/she needs to fix the problem. Unfortunately, an overflowing toilet causes water damage to any sub-flooring (if the sub-flooring was even mildly exposed to the flooding toilet) and bathroom cabinetry on the floor. Only a mold and remediation specialist can give you a quote for that, but you should definitely expect $200 and upwards, depending on the number of times the toilet overflowed and touched these wooden areas.

Rotted-out Pipes

Eek. Old metal pipes that have rotten out tend to have massive gaping holes in them. All the water that was channeled through these pipes has flowed either into your basement, or underneath your slab foundation. In the basement, the water will cause everything it touches to rot. Under a slab foundation, your entire home will begin to sink because the soil is overly soft from the excess water.

You can expect a minimum of $500 before the plumber even gets started. Then there is all of the rotting material from the walls, the flooring, the sub-flooring, and everything in the basement. If you have a slab foundation, you will need a concrete contractor to excavate and brace the foundation to stop the sinking. When all is said and done, you are looking at a couple grand just for the damages, and the plumbing repair and pipe replacement was not even included in that. It was not even the most expensive part of the whole plumbing repair and services process.

Frozen Pipes That Exploded

Wow! Now you really have it rough. Frozen and exploded pipes are approaching a grand or more to replace, and that does not include the water damages, mold/mildew remediation, and/or clean-up. In fact, most building or homeowners are surprised that their costs for plumbing services are significantly less in comparison to what it costs to replace and restore everything the damaged plumbing did. You might find a little solace in this when you are faced with a plumbing problem in the future. Contact a company, like Kilby Excavating Co, for more help.