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Just Discovered Your Basement Is Flooded? Get Answers to Your Questions

There are many reasons why a basement floods. A pipe may have burst, you may have cracks in your foundation that are allowing rain and moisture from outside to seep in, or your sump pump may have stopped working. Regardless of why the flood happened, you may have many questions when you discover that your basement is flooded. Here are a few frequently asked questions you may have if your basement is flooded.

What Are the First Few Things You Should Do?

As soon as you notice that your basement is flooded, you will want to turn off any electricity or gas lines that go into that area. Never attempt to enter a flooded space before turning the electricity off. If the flooding is caused by a broken pipe, or you aren’t positive what is causing the flooding, you will want to turn off your water as well. This …

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Hire A Water Damage Restoration Company To Protect Your Family And Preserve Your Home’s Value

Many homeowners don’t have flood insurance, which leaves them financially responsible for any repairs that are needed if their home floods. If you’re a homeowner without flood insurance, It may be tempting to save money by drying out your home yourself after a minor flood. You should, however, call a water damage restoration team, because only a professional service has the equipment and expertise to remove excess water from your home as quickly as possible. Although you will have to pay for the cleanup, hiring a company will both keep your family save and preserve your home’s value.

Protecting Your Family’s Health

SFGate reports that mold spores, which can be hazardous to your family’s health, begin to develop 48 hours after a flood. Therefore, it’s important to dry out your home as soon as possible. As soon as you’re able to, you should

  • remove standing water with a wet-dry vacuum
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4 Steps To Clean Your Home After A House Fire

If you ever need to clean up inside your home after a house fire, you will realize that smoke damage makes up a great deal of the damage from a fire. Fire can spread through rooms in your home, consuming flammable materials, but smoke travels to every crevice and corner in your home, attic, and basement. Then, this smoke leaves behind an acrid smell and an oily layer of soot. Here are four steps you should take to clean up your home after a house fire.

Remove Damaged Materials

Because soot and the odor from the fire gets on every surface of your home, you need to combat the smell by removing any burned and melted items. This includes carpeting, furniture, drywall, and wall cabinets. You may need to rent a roll-off dumpster to dispose of fire damaged items. If you leave any fire or smoke damaged items in your …

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Biohazard Waste: 4 Questions To Determine If You Need Professional Clean Up

Biohazard waste, such as blood and sewage, is disgusting and unpleasant to clean. There are professional cleaners who can do the job for you, but they are expensive. If you have a mess that needs cleaning, use these four questions to help you determine if you can clean it on your own or if you should hire a professional for biohazard clean up.

How Much Waste Is There?

The first factor to consider before you contact a professional cleaning company is the extent of the waste. You wouldn’t call a professional if your toilet overflowed into the bathroom or if you created a small pool of blood from a cut to the hand. These small, more common messes can be safely and effectively be cleaned by you. Of course, you should still take protective measures, such as wearing gloves.

A larger mess, on the other hand, requires a professional …

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